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There is nothing on earth so loyal and true as a dog.  From the moment they decide you are their person, nothing will make them change their mind.  A dog will follow you, protect you, eat and sleep with you, will put up with being mistreated by you and will always remain your best friend.  Dogs deserve the very best we have to offer but all too often this is not the case.  I have seen dogs all over the world treated well and sometimes not so well and can only shake my head at how anyone cannot see the total devotion these wonderful creatures give.

Losing a pet is something that most of us avid owners have to endure several times throughout our lives and it gets worse each time I am sure. 

There are many ways to help lessen the pain, get a new pup, go on a holiday, a spending spree are just some but I have found as I am older I prefer to endure the pain and reflect on what a great friend I had.  Rainbow Bridge is a great site for children and we have told our grandtwins that Walter is there with their grandmothers, grandfather and a whole assortment of other family pets.  I tell them that they all get to sleep in the clouds, which tastes just like fairy floss (cotton candy) and that my Mum is feeding them all the little fatty bits of meat that she couldn’t eat.  Nobody gets sick there and no-one gets any older.  There are water slides for the children, fields with green grass and lots of flowers and a really safe beach to play in where sharks are not allowed.  Snakes are all nice there too and the ants and bees don’t bite.  A little fantasy doesn’t hurt and they will have to face the real world soon enough.

A year down the track I still miss Walter very much but am ready to remember all of the happy times we had together and share some of them with you.  I hope you will share your stories too as you may find it will help you remember all  the great times you had and not dwell on the sadness of your loss.